How to Sell Crafts

Written for the new crafter, this booklet is an easy to understand guide to selling crafts.
For new crafters the 38 pages of insightful information is designed to help you quickly become a successfully bazaar crafter! 
Filled with workable, low cost and creative ideas, the experienced crafter will also find this guide beneficial for increasing sales and profitablity.
Here are a few items that are covered:
Where do you start?
Ideas for starting up with VERY limted cash!
How to select which shows to be in. 
Which is better, juried or non-juried shows? Is there a difference?
How many shows should you try to do a year?
Are you making or losing money?
What to do if no one wants to buy your products.
Inceasing sales. 
Setting your pricing.
Completely overwhelmed - check out these helpful tips!
Should you accept credit cards at shows? Is it hard to get set up?
Selling in a recession economy.
Building your business without breaking the bank.

  And much, much more! 


How to Sell Crafts at Bazaars, Fairs & Festivals
An Easy Guide for New Crafters
How to Sell Crafts at Bazaars, Fairs & Festivals
More booklets to come!  Check back often for updates.
Year Round * Hundreds of shows! * All over Washington & Oregon! 
Bazaars * Fairs * Festivals * Alternative Gift Shows * and much more! 
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